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Licenses and activation
Manage your license through the command line

License activation methods

You can choose from several methods to activate your Unity license.

Method When to use this method
Unity Hub The Unity Hub is the primary method for all license management operations. It’s a comprehensive application that lets you manage your Unity projects, Editor installations, and licenses.

If you can install the Unity Hub and you have an internet connection, use the Unity Hub to manage your licenses.
Command line Scenarios where you might use the command line to activate or return your license include:
  • You have internet access, but you use Unity in headless mode (without a GUI) for automated tasks, such as builds and tests.
  • You have internet access, but you’re unable or unwilling to install the Unity Hub.
Manual license activation Use the manual license activation method when you have limited internet access, such as a closed network environment or an air gapped network.

Manual license activation is a 3-step process where you need internet access for only one of the steps, and you can do that step on any computer, not necessarily the computer where you plan to use Unity.

This method isn’t supported for Unity licenses under a Personal plan.

You can use this method to activate your license, not to return it.

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Licenses and activation
Manage your license through the command line