Version: 2021.2
  • C#


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public bool IsKeywordEnabled(ref Rendering.LocalKeyword keyword);


public bool IsKeywordEnabled(string keyword);


keyword The LocalKeyword to check.
keyword The name of the LocalKeyword to check.


bool Returns true if the given LocalKeyword is enabled for this compute shader. Otherwise, returns false.


Checks whether a local shader keyword is enabled for this compute shader.

Shader keywords determine which shader variants Unity uses. For information on working with local shader keywords and global shader keywords and how they interact, see Using shader keywords with C# scripts.

If you pass in a LocalKeyword and it does not exist in the keywordSpace, this function returns false. If you pass a string and a LocalKeyword with that name does not exist in the keywordSpace, this function returns false.

The version of this function that takes a string as a parameter is slower than the version that takes a LocalKeyword. If you call this function more than once, it is best practice to create a LocalKeyword struct, cache it, and use that.

Note: A LocalKeyword is specific to a single Shader or ComputeShader instance. You cannot use it with other Shader or ComputeShader instances, even if they declare keywords with the same name.

This example iterates over the local shader keywords in the local keyword space for a compute shader. It determines whether they are overridden by a global shader keyword, and prints their state.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Rendering;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { public ComputeShader computeShader;

void Start() { CheckShaderKeywordState(); }

void CheckShaderKeywordState() { // Get all the local keywords that affect the Compute Shader var keywordSpace = computeShader.keywordSpace;

// Iterate over the local keywords foreach (var localKeyword in keywordSpace.keywords) { // If the local keyword is overridable, // and a global keyword with the same name exists and is enabled, // then Unity uses the global keyword state if (localKeyword.isOverridable && Shader.IsKeywordEnabled( { Debug.Log("Local keyword with name of " + + " is overridden by a global keyword, and is enabled"); } // Otherwise, Unity uses the local keyword state else { var state = computeShader.IsKeywordEnabled(localKeyword) ? "enabled" : "disabled"; Debug.Log("Local keyword with name of " + + " is " + state); } } } }