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public void SetLODs(LOD[] lods);


lods The LODs to use for this group.


Set the LODs for the LOD group. This will remove any existing LODs configured on the LODGroup.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public LODGroup group;

void Start() { // Programmatically create a LOD group and add LOD levels. // Create a GUI that allows for forcing a specific LOD level. group = gameObject.AddComponent<LODGroup>();

// Add 4 LOD levels LOD[] lods = new LOD[4]; for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { PrimitiveType primType = PrimitiveType.Cube; switch (i) { case 1: primType = PrimitiveType.Capsule; break; case 2: primType = PrimitiveType.Sphere; break; case 3: primType = PrimitiveType.Cylinder; break; } GameObject go = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(primType); go.transform.parent = gameObject.transform; Renderer[] renderers = new Renderer[1]; renderers[0] = go.GetComponent<Renderer>(); lods[i] = new LOD(1.0F / (i + 1), renderers); } group.SetLODs(lods); group.RecalculateBounds(); }

void OnGUI() { if (GUILayout.Button("Enable / Disable")) group.enabled = !group.enabled;

if (GUILayout.Button("Default")) group.ForceLOD(-1);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 0")) group.ForceLOD(0);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 1")) group.ForceLOD(1);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 2")) group.ForceLOD(2);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 3")) group.ForceLOD(3);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 4")) group.ForceLOD(4);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 5")) group.ForceLOD(5);

if (GUILayout.Button("Force 6")) group.ForceLOD(6); } }