Version: 2019.3
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class in UnityEngine.UIElements


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UIElementsModule

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A class that represents the vertex and index data allocated for drawing the content of a VisualElement.

You can use this object to fill the values for the vertices and indices only during a callback to the VisualElement.generateVisualContent delegate. Do not store the passed MeshWriteData outside the scope of VisualElement.generateVisualContent as Unity could recycle it for other callbacks.


indexCountThe number of indices successfully allocated for VisualElement content drawing.
uvRegionA rectangle describing the UV region holding the texture passed to MeshGenerationContext.Allocate.
vertexCountThe number of vertices successfully allocated for VisualElement content drawing.

Public Methods

SetAllIndicesFills the values of the allocated indices by copying the values directly from an array. Each 3 consecutive indices form a single triangle.
SetAllVerticesThe array of vertices to copy from. The length of the array must match the allocated vertex count.
SetNextIndexAssigns the value of the next index of the allocated indices list.
SetNextVertexAssigns the value of the next vertex of the allocated vertices list.

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