Version: 2019.3
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public UIElements.MeshWriteData Allocate(int vertexCount, int indexCount, Texture texture);


vertexCountThe number of vertices to allocate. The maximum is 65535 (or UInt16.MaxValue).
indexCountThe number of triangle list indices to allocate. Each 3 indices represent one triangle, so this value should be multiples of 3.
textureAn optional texture to be applied on the triangles allocated. Pass null to rely on vertex colors only.


MeshWriteData An object that gives access to the newely allocated data. If the returned vertex count is 0, then allocation failed (the system ran out of memory).


Allocates the specified number of vertices and indices required to express geometry for drawing the content of a VisualElement.

See Vertex.position for details on geometry generation conventions. If a valid texture was passed, then the returned MeshWriteData will also describe a rectangle for the UVs to use to sample the passed texture. This is needed because textures passed to this API can be internally copied into a larger atlas.

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