Version: 2019.3
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public static int graphicsShaderLevel;


Graphics device shader capability level (Read Only).

This is approximate "shader capability" level of the graphics device, expressed in DirectX shader model terms. Possible values are:

50 Shader Model 5.0 (DX11.0)
46 OpenGL 4.1 capabilities (Shader Model 4.0 + tessellation)
45 Metal / OpenGL ES 3.1 capabilities (Shader Model 3.5 + compute shaders)
40 Shader Model 4.0 (DX10.0)
35 OpenGL ES 3.0 capabilities (Shader Model 3.0 + integers, texture arrays, instancing)
30 Shader Model 3.0
25 Shader Model 2.5 (DX11 feature level 9.3 feature set)
20 Shader Model 2.0.

See Also: shader compilation targets.

using UnityEngine;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { // Check for shader model 4.5 or better support if (SystemInfo.graphicsShaderLevel >= 45) print("Woohoo, decent shaders supported!"); } }