Version: 2019.2
  • C#
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


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public Matrix4x4 PolygonLocalToWorldMatrix(Experimental.AI.PolygonId polygon);


polygonNavMesh node for which its owner's transform must be determined.


Matrix4x4 Transformation matrix for the surface owning the specified polygon.
Matrix4x4.identity when the NavMesh node is a NavMeshLink or an Off-mesh Link. See Also: NavMeshQuery.GetPolygonType.


Returns the transformation matrix of the NavMesh surface that contains the specified NavMesh node (Read Only).

NavMeshData surfaces have their transforms defined by the position and rotation values declared at the moment when they were baked with NavMeshBuilder.BuildNavMeshData, or as part of a NavMeshSurface, or by explicitly setting the values for NavMeshData.position and NavMeshData.rotation.

Custom transforms for NavMeshDataInstances can further be specified when they are created with explicit position and rotation values passed to the NavMesh.AddNavMeshData(data, position, rotation) method.

Important: This method does not return the position and orientation of a single NavMesh polygon. It returns the position of the surface that owns the polygon.

Known issue: Identity matrix is returned instead of the actual transform for NavMeshLinks that have been instantiated with a call to NavMesh.AddLink(link, position, rotation).

See Also: NavMeshQuery.PolygonWorldToLocalMatrix.