Version: 2019.2
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public static int AllAreas;


Area mask constant that includes all NavMesh areas.

The mask can be used in query functions, such as NavMesh.Raycast, to indicate that all NavMesh area types are accepted.

// TargetReachable
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.AI;

public class TargetReachable : MonoBehaviour { public Transform target; private NavMeshHit hit; private bool blocked = false;

void Update() { // Allow pass through all area types when testing if the target position // is reachable from the transform location. blocked = NavMesh.Raycast(transform.position, target.position, out hit, NavMesh.AllAreas); Debug.DrawLine(transform.position, target.position, blocked ? :; if (blocked) Debug.DrawRay(hit.position, Vector3.up,; } }

See Also: Areas and Costs to learn how to use different Area types.