Version: 2018.4
Noise module
Inherit Velocity module

Limit Velocity Over Lifetime module

This module controls how the speed of particles is reduced over their lifetime.


Property Function
Separate Axes Splits the axes up into separate X, Y and Z components.
Speed Sets the speed limit of the particles.
Space Selects whether the speed limitation refers to local or world space. This option is only available when Separate Axes is enabled.
Dampen The fraction by which a particle’s speed is reduced when it exceeds the speed limit.
Drag Applies linear drag to the particle velocities.
Multiply by Size When enabled, larger particles are affected more by the drag coefficient.
Multiply by Velocity When enabled, faster particles are affected more by the drag coefficient.


This module is very useful for simulating air resistance that slows the particles, especially when a decreasing curve is used to lower the speed limit over time. For example, an explosion or firework initially bursts at great speed but the particles emitted from it rapidly slow down as they pass through the air.

The Drag option offers a more physically accurate simulation of air resistance by offering options to apply varying amounts of resistance based on the size and speed of the particles.

  • 2017–09–05 Page amended

  • Drag, Multiple by Size, Multiply by Velocity added in Unity 2017.2NewIn20172

Noise module
Inherit Velocity module