Version: 2018.3 (switch to 2019.1)
  • C#
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEngine.Experimental.TerrainAPI


Implemented in:UnityEngine.TerrainModule

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A set of utility functions for custom terrain paint tools.

Static Methods

BeginPaintHeightmapHelper function to set up a PaintContext for modifying the heightmap of one or more Terrain tiles.
BeginPaintTextureHelper function to set up a PaintContext for modifying the alphamap of one or more Terrain tiles.
BuildTransformPaintContextUVToPaintContextUVBuilds a Scale & Offset transform to convert between one PaintContext's UV space and another PaintContext's UV space.
CalculateBrushTransformCreates a BrushTransform from the input parameters.
CollectNormalsHelper function to set up a PaintContext that collects mesh normal data from one or more Terrain tiles.
EndPaintHeightmapHelper function for completing a heightmap modification.
EndPaintTextureHelper function for completing a texture alphamap modification.
FindTerrainLayerIndexFinds the index of a TerrainLayer in a Terrain tile.
GetBlitMaterialReturns the default material for blitting operations.
GetBuiltinPaintMaterialReturns the built-in in paint material used by the built-in tools.
GetCopyTerrainLayerMaterialReturns the default copy terrain layer material.
GetTerrainAlphaMapCheckedReturns the alphamap texture at mapIndex.
ReleaseContextResourcesReleases the allocated resources of the specified PaintContext.
SetupTerrainToolMaterialPropertiesSets up all of the material properties used by functions in TerrainTool.cginc.

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