Version: 2020.3
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Build manifest as ScriptableObject

BuildManifestObject is a ScriptableObject you can use to access the values in the Build manifest via script, without needing to manually load the UnityCloudBuildManifest.json TextAsset.

It is an optional parameter to the pre-export invoked by Cloud BuildA continuous integration service for Unity projects that automates the process of creating builds on Unity’s servers. More info
See in Glossary
, if the UnityCloudBuildManifest.json TextAsset has not been written. For more information, see Manifest as JSON.

The following example C# code demonstrates a pre-export method that updates the bundleVersion in PlayerSettings based on the buildNumber provided in the manifest. For more information on pre-export methods, see Pre- and Post-export methods.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System;

public class CloudBuildHelper : MonoBehaviour
    public static void PreExport(UnityEngine.CloudBuild.BuildManifestObject manifest)
        PlayerSettings.bundleVersion = String.Format("1.0.{0}", manifest.GetValue("buildNumber", "unknown"));

This is the public interface for the BuildManifestObject class:

namespace UnityEngine.CloudBuild
    public class BuildManifestObject : ScriptableObject
        // Try to get a manifest value - returns true if key was found and could be cast to type T, otherwise returns false.
        public bool TryGetValue<T>(string key, out T result);
        // Retrieve a manifest value or throw an exception if the given key isn't found.
        public T GetValue<T>(string key);
        // Set the value for a given key.
        public void SetValue(string key, object value);
        // Copy values from a dictionary. ToString() will be called on dictionary values before being stored.
        public void SetValues(Dictionary<string, object> sourceDict);
        // Remove all key/value pairs.
        public void ClearValues();
        // Return a dictionary that represents the current BuildManifestObject.
        public Dictionary<string, object> ToDictionary();
        // Return a JSON formatted string that represents the current BuildManifestObject
        public string ToJson();
        // Return an INI formatted string that represents the current BuildManifestObject
        public override string ToString();
Build manifest as JSON
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