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SetLookAtWeight(weight: float, bodyWeight: float = 0.00f, headWeight: float = 1.00f, eyesWeight: float = 0.00f, clampWeight: float = 0.50f): void;
void SetLookAtWeight(float weight, float bodyWeight = 0.00f, float headWeight = 1.00f, float eyesWeight = 0.00f, float clampWeight = 0.50f);
def SetLookAtWeight(weight as float, bodyWeight as float = 0.00f, headWeight as float = 1.00f, eyesWeight as float = 0.00f, clampWeight as float = 0.50f) as void


weight (0-1) the global weight of the LookAt, multiplier for other parameters.
bodyWeight (0-1) determines how much the body is involved in the LookAt.
headWeight (0-1) determines how much the head is involved in the LookAt.
eyesWeight (0-1) determines how much the eyes are involved in the LookAt.
clampWeight (0-1) 0.0 means the character is completely unrestrained in motion, 1.0 means he's completely clamped (look at becomes impossible), and 0.5 means he'll be able to move on half of the possible range (180 degrees).


Set look at weights.

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