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Skyboxes are a wrapper around your entire scene that shows what the world looks like beyond your geometry.


Property: Function:
Tint Color The tint color
Exposure Adjusts the brightness of the skybox.
Rotation Changes the rotation of the skybox around the positive y axis.
Front, etc The textures used for each face of the cube used to store the skybox. Note that it is important to get these textures into the correct slot.


Skyboxes are rendered before anything else in the scene in order to give the impression of complex scenery at the horizon. They are a box of 6 textures, one for each primary direction (+/-X, +/-Y, +/-Z). (Cube maps and procedural techniques can also be used.)

To implement a Skybox create a skybox material. Then add it to the scene by using the Window->Lighting menu item and specifying your skybox material as the Skybox on the Scene tab.

Adding the Skybox Component to a Camera is useful if you want to override the default Skybox. E.g. You might have a split screen game using two Cameras, and want the Second camera to use a different Skybox. To add a Skybox Component to a Camera, click to highlight the Camera and go to Component->Rendering->Skybox.

If you want to create a new Skybox, use this guide.

One of the default Skyboxes found under <span class="doc-menu">Standard Assets->Skyboxes</span>
One of the default Skyboxes found under Standard Assets->Skyboxes


  • If you have a Skybox assigned to a Camera, make sure to set the Camera’s Clear mode to Skybox.
  • It’s a good idea to match your Fog color to the color of the skybox. Fog color can be set in the Lighting manager.
Occlusion Portals
Reflection Probe