static function Angle(a: Quaternion, b: Quaternion): float;
static float Angle(Quaternion a, Quaternion b);
static def Angle(a as Quaternion, b as Quaternion) as float

Returns the angle in degrees between two rotations a and b.

	// Calculates the angle (degrees) between
	// the rotation of this transform and target.

var target : Transform; function Update () { var angle : float = Quaternion.Angle(transform.rotation, target.rotation); }
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour {
    public Transform target;
    void Update() {
        float angle = Quaternion.Angle(transform.rotation, target.rotation);
import UnityEngine
import System.Collections

public class Example(MonoBehaviour):

	public target as Transform

	def Update() as void:
		angle as float = Quaternion.Angle(transform.rotation, target.rotation)