public static void SetString (string key, string value);


Sets a single string value for the preference identified by the given key. You can use PlayerPrefs.GetString to retrieve this value.

The following example passes the `KeyName` and `Value` variables to a function called `SetString`. The function uses the `KeyName` variable in `PlayerPrefs.SetString` as an identifier, and `Value` as the contents to store. For example, you could use `PlayerPrefs.SetString` to store the user’s name, like this: /PlayerPrefs.SetString(“CharacterName”, “James”)/.

The following GetString function then uses the same `KeyName` variable to retrieve the value stored in the `PlayerPrefs` data.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { public void SetString(string KeyName, string Value) { PlayerPrefs.SetString(KeyName, Value); }

public string GetString(string KeyName) { return PlayerPrefs.GetString(KeyName); } }