public static void ImportAsset (string path, ImportAssetOptions options= ImportAssetOptions.Default);


Импорт ассета по пути.

This imports an Asset at the specified path, and triggers a number of callbacks including AssetModificationProcessor.OnWillSaveAssets and AssetPostProcessor.OnPostProcessAllAssets

Все пути указаны относительно папки проекта, например: "Assets/MyTextures/hello.png"

See Also: ImportAssetOptions.

using System.IO;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

public class ImportAssetExample : MonoBehaviour { [MenuItem("APIExamples/ImportAsset")] static void ImportAssetOnlyImportsSingleAsset() { string[] fileNames = new[] { "test_file01.txt", "test_file02.txt" };

for (int i = 0; i < fileNames.Length; ++i) { var unimportedFileName = fileNames[i]; var assetsPath = Application.dataPath + "/Artifacts/" + unimportedFileName; File.WriteAllText(assetsPath, "Testing 123"); }

var relativePath = "Assets/Artifacts/test_file01.txt"; AssetDatabase.ImportAsset(relativePath); } }

public class PostProcessImportAsset : AssetPostprocessor { //Based on this example, the output from this function should be: // OnPostprocessAllAssets // Imported: Assets/Artifacts/test_file01.txt // //test_file02.txt should not even show up on the Project Browser //until a refresh happens. static void OnPostprocessAllAssets(string[] importedAssets, string[] deletedAssets, string[] movedAssets, string[] movedFromAssetPaths) { Debug.Log("OnPostprocessAllAssets");

foreach (var imported in importedAssets) Debug.Log("Imported: " + imported);

foreach (var deleted in deletedAssets) Debug.Log("Deleted: " + deleted);

foreach (var moved in movedAssets) Debug.Log("Moved: " + moved);

foreach (var movedFromAsset in movedFromAssetPaths) Debug.Log("Moved from Asset: " + movedFromAsset); } }