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public static float timeSinceLevelLoad ;


The time this frame has started (Read Only). This is the time in seconds since the last level has been loaded.

This is the time in seconds since the last level was loaded. This is Read-Only.

//Attach this script to a GameObject
//Create a Button (Create>UI>Button) and a Text GameObject (Create>UI>Text)
//Click on the GameObject and attach the Button and Text in the fields in the Inspector

//This script outputs the time since the last level load. It also allows you to load a new Scene by pressing the Button. When this new Scene loads, the time resets and updates.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; using UnityEngine.UI;

public class TimeSinceLevelLoad : MonoBehaviour { public Button m_MyButton; public Text m_MyText;

void Awake() { //Don't destroy the GameObject when loading a new Scene DontDestroyOnLoad(gameObject); //Make sure the Canvas isn't deleted so the UI stays on the Scene load DontDestroyOnLoad(GameObject.Find("Canvas"));

if (m_MyButton != null) //Add a listener to call the LoadSceneButton function when the Button is clicked m_MyButton.onClick.AddListener(LoadSceneButton); }

void Update() { //Output the time since the level loaded to the screen using this label m_MyText.text = "Time Since Loaded : " + Time.timeSinceLevelLoad; }

void LoadSceneButton() { //Press this Button to load another Scene //Load the Scene named "Scene2" SceneManager.LoadScene("Scene2"); } }