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Stores settings of a TextureImporter.

See Also: TextureImporter.


alphaIsTransparencyIf the provided alpha channel is transparency, enable this to dilate the color to avoid filtering artifacts on the edges.
alphaSourceSelect how the alpha of the imported texture is generated.
alphaTestReferenceValueReturns or assigns the alpha test reference value.
anisoAnisotropic filtering level of the texture.
borderMipmapEnable this to avoid colors seeping out to the edge of the lower Mip levels. Used for light cookies.
convertToNormalMapПреобразование высот в карту нормалей?
cubemapConvolutionConvolution mode.
fadeOutFade out mip levels to gray color?
filterModeРежим фильтрации текстур
generateCubemapCubemap generation mode.
heightmapScaleAmount of bumpyness in the heightmap.
mipmapBiasMip map bias of the texture.
mipmapEnabledGenerate mip maps for the texture?
mipmapFadeDistanceEndMip level where texture is faded out to gray completely.
mipmapFadeDistanceStartMip level where texture begins to fade out to gray.
mipmapFilterMipmap filtering mode.
mipMapsPreserveCoverageEnables or disables coverage-preserving alpha MIP mapping.
normalMapFilterNormal map filtering mode.
npotScaleScaling mode for non power of two textures.
readableIs texture data readable from scripts.
spriteAlignmentГрань выравнена относительно изображения спрайта.
spriteBorderBorder sizes of the generated sprites.
spriteExtrudeThe number of blank pixels to leave between the edge of the graphic and the mesh.
spriteGenerateFallbackPhysicsShapeGenerates a default physics shape for a Sprite if a physics shape has not been set by the user.
spriteModeSprite texture import mode.
spritePivotPivot point of the Sprite relative to its graphic's rectangle.
spritePixelsPerUnitThe number of pixels in the sprite that correspond to one unit in world space.
spriteTessellationDetailThe tessellation detail to be used for generating the mesh for the associated sprite if the SpriteMode is set to Single. For Multiple sprites, use the SpriteEditor to specify the value per sprite. Valid values are in the range [0-1], with higher values generating a tighter mesh. A default of -1 will allow Unity to determine the value automatically.
sRGBTextureIs texture storing color data?
textureShapeShape of imported texture.
textureTypeWhich type of texture are we dealing with here.
wrapModeTexture coordinate wrapping mode.
wrapModeUTexture U coordinate wrapping mode.
wrapModeVTexture V coordinate wrapping mode.
wrapModeWTexture W coordinate wrapping mode for Texture3D.

Public Functions

ApplyTextureTypeConfigure parameters to import a texture for a purpose of type, as described here.
CopyToCopy parameters into another TextureImporterSettings object.

Static Functions

EqualTest texture importer settings for equality.