Version: 2017.3


class in UnityEngine


Inherits from:Scripting.PreserveAttribute

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Allow a runtime class method to be initialized when a game is loaded at runtime without action from the user.

Methods marked [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod] are invoked after the game has been loaded. This is after the Awake method has been invoked.

Note: The execution order of methods marked [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod] is not guaranteed.

// Create a non-MonoBehaviour class which displays
// messages when a game is loaded.
using UnityEngine;

class MyClass { [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod] static void OnRuntimeMethodLoad() { Debug.Log("After scene is loaded and game is running"); }

[RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod] static void OnSecondRuntimeMethodLoad() { Debug.Log("SecondMethod After scene is loaded and game is running."); } }


loadTypeSet RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod type.


RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethodAttributeCreation of the runtime class used when scenes are loaded.

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