Version: 2017.3


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public RenderTargetIdentifier (Rendering.BuiltinRenderTextureType type);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (string name);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (int nameID);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (Texture tex);


type Built-in temporary render texture type.
name Temporary render texture name.
nameID Temporary render texture name (as integer, see Shader.PropertyToID).
tex RenderTexture or Texture object to use.


Creates a render target identifier.

Textures can be identified in a number of ways, for example a RenderTexture object, or a Texture object, or one of built-in render textures (BuiltinRenderTextureType), or a temporary render texture with a name (that was created using CommandBuffer.GetTemporaryRT).

RenderTargetIdentifier can be implicitly created from a RenderTexture reference, or a Texture reference, or a BuiltinRenderTextureType, or a name.

A RenderTargetIdentifier created from Texture reference is only valid when passed to CommandBuffer.SetGlobalTexture

See Also: CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget, CommandBuffer.SetGlobalTexture.