Version: 2017.2


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public void OnInteractivePreviewGUI (Rect r, GUIStyle background);


r @param rect Прямоугольник, в котором будет отрисовываться предпросмотр.
background @param background Фоновое изображение.


Реализуйте, чтобы создать ваш собственный интерактивный предпросмотр. Интерактивные предпросмотры используются в области предпросмотра окна Inspector и при выборе объекта.

Implement this instead of OnPreviewGUI if you only want to display interactive custom previews (you can implement both if some previews are interactive and others aren't). The overidden method should use the rectangle passed in and render a preview of the asset into it. The default implementation is a no-op.

Note: Inspector previews are limited to the primary editor of persistent objects (assets), e.g., GameObjectInspector, MaterialEditor, TextureInspector. This means that it is currently not possible for a component to have its own inspector preview.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

// Create an editor window which can display a chosen GameObject. // Use OnInteractivePreviewGUI to display the GameObject and // allow it to be interactive.

public class ExampleClass: EditorWindow { GameObject gameObject; Editor gameObjectEditor;

[MenuItem("Example/GameObject Editor")] static void ShowWindow() { GetWindowWithRect<ExampleClass>(new Rect(0, 0, 256, 256)); }

void OnGUI() { gameObject = (GameObject) EditorGUILayout.ObjectField(gameObject, typeof(GameObject), true);

GUIStyle bgColor = new GUIStyle(); bgColor.normal.background = EditorGUIUtility.whiteTexture;

if (gameObject != null) { if (gameObjectEditor == null) gameObjectEditor = Editor.CreateEditor(gameObject);

gameObjectEditor.OnInteractivePreviewGUI(GUILayoutUtility.GetRect(256, 256), bgColor); } } }