Version: 2022.1
public static bool enabled ;


Controls whether the Analytics service is enabled at runtime.

Setting this property to false at runtime disables the Analytics service. You can set this property to true to re-enable Analytics service, but only if Analytics was enabled when the project was built.

If Analytics was not enabled when the project was built, you cannot use this setting to enable it at runtime.

using System;
using UnityEngine;

#if ENABLE_CLOUD_SERVICES_ANALYTICS using UnityEngine.Analytics;

public class DataPrivacyOptInFlow { [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod(RuntimeInitializeLoadType.BeforeSceneLoad)] static void InitStepOne() { Analytics.initializeOnStartup = false; }

public void EnableAnonymizingData() { Analytics.limitUserTracking = true; }

// Call this when the user has given permission to collect data public void UserHasOptedIntoDataCollection_LetsResumeAnalyticsInitialization() { Analytics.ResumeInitialization(); }

// Call this when the user has given limited data collection permission public void UserHasOptedIntoLimitedDataCollection_LetsResumeAnalyticsInitialization() { EnableAnonymizingData(); Analytics.ResumeInitialization(); }

// Call this when the user doesn't want any data collection. public void UserHasOptedOutOfAllDataCollection() { // Don't call ResumeInitialization // But disable Analytics so the code knows to shutdown DisableAnalyticsCompletely(); }

// If you want to disable Analytics completely during runtime public void DisableAnalyticsCompletely() { Analytics.enabled = false; Analytics.deviceStatsEnabled = false; PerformanceReporting.enabled = false; } } #endif