Version: 2021.1
언어: 한국어


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Callback raised whenever a package import failed.

Includes an error message to give a reason for the failure.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

[InitializeOnLoad] public class AssetDatabaseExamples { static AssetDatabaseExamples() { AssetDatabase.importPackageStarted += OnImportPackageStarted; AssetDatabase.importPackageCompleted += OnImportPackageCompleted; AssetDatabase.importPackageFailed += OnImportPackageFailed; AssetDatabase.importPackageCancelled += OnImportPackageCancelled; }

private static void OnImportPackageCancelled(string packageName) { Debug.Log($"Cancelled the import of package: {packageName}"); }

private static void OnImportPackageCompleted(string packagename) { Debug.Log($"Imported package: {packagename}"); }

private static void OnImportPackageFailed(string packagename, string errormessage) { Debug.Log($"Failed importing package: {packagename} with error: {errormessage}"); }

private static void OnImportPackageStarted(string packagename) { Debug.Log($"Started importing package: {packagename}"); } }