Version: 2020.2
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public float fieldOfView ;


The field of view of the camera in degrees.

This is the vertical field of view; horizontal Field of view varies depending on the viewport's aspect ratio, for more information see VerticalToHorizontalFieldOfView. Field of view is ignored when camera is orthographic (see orthographic).

Some VR SDKs have fixed field of view values that are used for VR cameras. When VR is enabled with those SDKs, this property will always return the value from the SDK. You will see a warning logged if you attempt to set the property and the value will be ignored.

If you make changes to the projectionMatrix, the camera no longer updates its rendering based on its fieldOfView. This lasts until you call ResetProjectionMatrix.

See Also: camera component.

//Attach this script to an empty GameObject.
//This script creates a Slider that allows you to manipulate the Camera's field of view. Place GameObjects in the Scene to show the full effect.

using UnityEngine;

public class CameraFieldOfViewExample : MonoBehaviour { //This is the field of view that the Camera has float m_FieldOfView;

void Start() { //Start the Camera field of view at 60 m_FieldOfView = 60.0f; }

void Update() { //Update the camera's field of view to be the variable returning from the Slider Camera.main.fieldOfView = m_FieldOfView; }

void OnGUI() { //Set up the maximum and minimum values the Slider can return (you can change these) float max, min; max = 150.0f; min = 20.0f; //This Slider changes the field of view of the Camera between the minimum and maximum values m_FieldOfView = GUI.HorizontalSlider(new Rect(20, 20, 100, 40), m_FieldOfView, min, max); } }