public Vector3 extents ;


The extents of the Bounding Box. This is always half of the size of the Bounds.

Note: If Bounds.extents has a negative value for any axis, Bounds.Contains always returns False.

//Attach this script to a visible GameObject.
//Click on the GameObject to expand it and output the Bound extents to the Console.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { Collider m_ObjectCollider; public Vector3 m_MyScale;

void Start() { //Fetch the GameObject's collider (make sure they have a Collider component) m_ObjectCollider = gameObject.GetComponent<Collider>(); //Output the GameObject's Collider Bound extents Debug.Log("extents : " + m_ObjectCollider.bounds.extents); }

//Detect when the user clicks the GameObject void OnMouseDown() { //Change the scale of the GameObject to the size you define in the Inspector transform.localScale = m_MyScale; //Output the extents of the Bounds after clicking the GameObject. Extents change to half of the scale. Debug.Log("extents : " + m_ObjectCollider.bounds.extents); } }