public JointSpring spring ;


The spring attempts to reach a target angle by adding spring and damping forces.

The JointSpring.spring force attempts to reach the target angle. A larger value makes the spring reach the target position faster.

The JointSpring.damper force dampens the angular velocity. A larger value makes the spring reach the goal slower.

The spring reaches for the JointSpring.targetPosition angle in degrees relative to the rest angle. The rest angle between the bodies is always zero at the beginning of the simulation.

See Also: useSpring, JointSpring.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class HingeExample : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { HingeJoint hinge = GetComponent<HingeJoint>();

// Make the spring reach shoot for a 70 degree angle. // This could be used to fire off a catapult.

JointSpring hingeSpring = hinge.spring; hingeSpring.spring = 10; hingeSpring.damper = 3; hingeSpring.targetPosition = 70; hinge.spring = hingeSpring; hinge.useSpring = true; } }

Modifying the spring does not automatically enable it.

Enabling the motor overrides the spring, given the spring was enabled. If the motor is again disabled the spring will be restored.