public static GUIContent ObjectContent (Object obj, Type type);


Return a GUIContent object with the name and icon of an Object.

If the object is null, the icon will be picked according to type.

Object Content usage.

// Simple Editor Script that shows the icons of Transform,
// rigidbody and GameObject in 3 buttons.

using UnityEditor; using UnityEngine;

public class ObjectContentExample : EditorWindow { [MenuItem("Examples/ObjectContent usage")] static void Init() { ObjectContentExample window = (ObjectContentExample)GetWindow(typeof(ObjectContentExample)); window.Show(); }

void OnGUI() { EditorGUILayout.PrefixLabel("Select a type:"); EditorGUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); if (GUILayout.Button(EditorGUIUtility.ObjectContent(null, typeof(Transform)).image)) DoSomething("Transform"); if (GUILayout.Button(EditorGUIUtility.ObjectContent(null, typeof(Rigidbody)).image)) DoSomething("RigidBody"); if (GUILayout.Button(EditorGUIUtility.ObjectContent(null, typeof(GameObject)).image)) DoSomething("GameObject"); EditorGUILayout.EndHorizontal();

if (GUILayout.Button("Close")) this.Close(); }

private void DoSomething(string obj) { Debug.Log("Hello there " + obj + "!"); } }