public void GetIndices (List<int> indices, int submesh);
public int[] GetIndices (int submesh);


indicesA list of indices to populate.
submeshThe sub-mesh index. See subMeshCount.
applyBaseVertexTrue (default value) will apply base vertex offset to returned indices.


Fetches the index list for the specified sub-mesh.

Each integer in the returned list is a vertex index, which is used as an offset into the Mesh's vertex arrays. See vertices and GetVertices. The layout of the indices depends on the MeshTopology of the sub-mesh. For example, a triangular mesh will return indices in multiples of three.

A sub-mesh represents a list of triangles (or indices with a different MeshTopology) that are rendered using a single Material. When the Mesh is used with a Renderer that has multiple materials, you should ensure that there is one sub-mesh per Material.

Call the method overload with a List<int> parameter if you control the life cycle of the index buffer and wish to avoid allocation of a new array with every access.

See Also: subMeshCount, GetTopology, MeshTopology enum.