public bool StartServer ();


bool True is the server was started.


This starts a new server.

This uses the networkPort property as the listen port.

//This is a script that creates a Toggle that you enable to start the Server.
//Attach this script to an empty GameObject
//Create a Toggle GameObject by going to Create>UI>Toggle.
//Click on your empty GameObject.
//Click and drag the Toggle GameObject from the Hierarchy to the Toggle section in the Inspector window.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using UnityEngine.Networking;

//This makes the GameObject a NetworkManager GameObject public class Example : NetworkManager { public Toggle m_Toggle; Text m_ToggleText;

void Start() { //Fetch the Text of the Toggle to allow you to change it later m_ToggleText = m_Toggle.GetComponentInChildren<Text>(); OnOff(false); }

//Connect this function to the Toggle to start and stop the Server public void OnOff(bool change) { //Detect when the Toggle returns false if (change == false) { //Stop the Server StopServer(); //Change the text of the Toggle m_ToggleText.text = "Connect Server"; }

//Detect when the Toggle returns true if (change == true) { //Start the Server StartServer(); //Change the Toggle Text m_ToggleText.text = "Disconnect Server"; } }

//Detect when the Server starts and output the status public override void OnStartServer() { //Output that the Server has started Debug.Log("Server Started!"); }

//Detect when the Server stops public override void OnStopServer() { //Output that the Server has stopped Debug.Log("Server Stopped!"); } }