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public bool GetCharacterInfo (char ch, out characterInfo info, int size= 0, FontStyle style= FontStyle.Normal);


chThe character you need rendering information for.
infoReturns the CharacterInfo struct with the rendering information for the character (if available).
sizeThe size of the character (default value of zero will use font default size).
styleThe style of the character.


Get rendering info for a specific character.

Note: You should only ever need to use this when you want to implement your own text rendering. If the character ch with the specified size and style is present in the font texture, then this method will return true, and info will contain the texture placement information for that character. If the character is not present, this method returns false. If size is zero, it will use the default size for the font.

See Also: characterInfo. Example at RequestCharactersInTexture.