Version: 2017.2
public void OnServerAddPlayer (Networking.NetworkConnection conn, short playerControllerId);


conn Connection from client.
playerControllerId Id of the new player.
extraMessageReader An extra message object passed for the new player.


Called on the server when a client adds a new player with ClientScene.AddPlayer.

The default implementation for this function creates a new player object from the playerPrefab.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;
using UnityEngine.Networking.NetworkSystem;

class MyManager : NetworkManager { public override void OnServerAddPlayer(NetworkConnection conn, short playerControllerId, NetworkReader extraMessageReader) { if (extraMessageReader != null) { var s = extraMessageReader.ReadMessage<StringMessage>(); Debug.Log("my name is " + s.value); } OnServerAddPlayer(conn, playerControllerId, extraMessageReader); } }