Version: 2017.2


매뉴얼로 전환
public Coroutine SetMatchAttributes (Networking.Types.NetworkID networkId, bool isListed, int requestDomain, Networking.Match.NetworkMatch.BasicResponseDelegate callback);


networkId The NetworkID of the match to set attributes on.
isListed A bool indicating whether the match should be listed in NetworkMatch.ListMatches results after this call is complete.
requestDomain The request domain for this request. Only requests in the same domain can interface with each other. For example if a NetworkMatch.CreateMatch is made with domain 1, only ListMatches that also specify domain 1 will find that match. Use this value to silo different (possibly incompatible) client versions.
callback The callback invoked after the call has completed, indicating if it was successful or not.


Coroutine This function is asynchronous and will complete at some point in the future, when the coroutine has finished communicating with the service backend.


This function allows the caller to change attributes on a match in progress.

Only the host (who is a match admin) can change attributes of a match. This is authenticated using the authToken given to the host when the match is created. Anyone else will get access denied on this request.