Version: 2017.2


매뉴얼로 전환
public static bool CanOverwriteSerializedFields (IMGUI.Controls.MultiColumnHeaderState source, IMGUI.Controls.MultiColumnHeaderState destination);


source State that have serialized data to be transfered to the destination state.
destination Destination state.


bool Returns true if the source state have the same number of columns as the destination state.


Checks if the source state can transfer its serialized data to the destination state.

Some of the fields in the MultiColumnHeader state are serializable so they can be preserved between assembly reloads and/or when restarting Unity. The non-serialized fields have to be reconstructed. After having reconstructed the state use this method before calling OverwriteSerializedFields to apply any serialized fields from a previous session.

See Also: OverwriteSerializedFields.