Version: 2017.2


매뉴얼로 전환
public void RemoveNotification ();


Stop showing notification message.

Notification message fades away automatically after some time. This function will remove it immediately.

Show a notification in an editor window.

// Simple example that shows a notification message
// with what the user has typed.

class ShowRemoveNotification extends EditorWindow {

var notification : String = "This is a Notification";

@MenuItem("Example/Notification usage") static function Initialize() { var window : ShowRemoveNotification = EditorWindow.GetWindow(ShowRemoveNotification); window.Show(); }

function OnGUI() { notification = EditorGUILayout.TextField(notification); if(GUILayout.Button("Show Notification")){ this.ShowNotification(GUIContent(notification)); } if(GUILayout.Button("Remove Notification")) { this.RemoveNotification(); } } }