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public static int OverlapCapsuleNonAlloc (Vector2 point, Vector2 size, CapsuleDirection2D direction, float angle, Collider2D[] results, int layerMask= DefaultRaycastLayers, float minDepth= -Mathf.Infinity, float maxDepth= Mathf.Infinity);


point Center of the capsule.
size Size of the capsule.
direction The direction of the capsule.
angle Angle of the capsule.
results Array to receive results.
layerMask Filter to check objects only on specific layers.
minDepth Only include objects with a Z coordinate (depth) greater than this value.
maxDepth Only include objects with a Z coordinate (depth) less than this value.


int Returns the number of results placed in the results array.


Get a list of all colliders that fall within a capsule area.

This function is similar to OverlapCapsuleAll except that the results are returned in the supplied array. The integer return value is the number of objects that fall within the capsule (possibly zero) but the results array will not be resized if it doesn't contain enough elements to report all the results. The significance of this is that no memory is allocated for the results and so garbage collection performance is improved when the check is performed frequently.

See Also: OverlapCapsule, OverlapCapsuleAll.