Version: 2021.3
言語: 日本語
public void CombineMeshes (CombineInstance[] combine, bool mergeSubMeshes= true, bool useMatrices= true, bool hasLightmapData= false);


combine 結合するメッシュの説明
mergeSubMeshes Defines whether Meshes should be combined into a single sub-mesh.
useMatrices CombineInstance 行列で与えられる transform を使用するか、無視するか




If mergeSubMeshes is true, all the Meshes are combined together into a single sub-mesh. Otherwise, each Mesh is placed in a different sub-mesh. If all Meshes share the same Material, this property should be set to true.

もし useMatrices が true である場合は CombineInstance 構造体の transform 行列を使用します。そうでない場合は、無視します。

Set hasLightmapData to true to transform the input Mesh lightmap UV data by the lightmap scale offset data in CombineInstance structs. The Meshes must share the same lightmap texture.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

// Copy meshes from children into the parent's Mesh. // CombineInstance stores the list of meshes. These are combined // and assigned to the attached Mesh.

[RequireComponent(typeof(MeshFilter))] [RequireComponent(typeof(MeshRenderer))] public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { MeshFilter[] meshFilters = GetComponentsInChildren<MeshFilter>(); CombineInstance[] combine = new CombineInstance[meshFilters.Length];

int i = 0; while (i < meshFilters.Length) { combine[i].mesh = meshFilters[i].sharedMesh; combine[i].transform = meshFilters[i].transform.localToWorldMatrix; meshFilters[i].gameObject.SetActive(false);

i++; } transform.GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh = new Mesh(); transform.GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh.CombineMeshes(combine); transform.gameObject.SetActive(true); } }