Version: 2019.4
Method group is Obsolete


Obsolete public AudioClip GetAudioClip (bool threeD);
Obsolete public AudioClip GetAudioClip (bool threeD, bool stream);
Obsolete public AudioClip GetAudioClip (bool threeD, bool stream, AudioType audioType);


threeDUse this to specify whether the clip should be a 2D or 3D clip the .audioClip property defaults to 3D.
streamSets whether the clip should be completely downloaded before it's ready to play (false) or the stream can be played even if only part of the clip is downloaded (true). The latter will disable seeking on the clip (with .time and/or .timeSamples).
audioTypeThe AudioType of the content you are downloading. If this is not set Unity will try to determine the type from URL.


AudioClip AudioClip を返します。


ダウンロードしたデータから AudioClip を生成し返します(読み取り専用)

The data must be an audio clip in Ogg(Standalones), MP3(phones) or WAV. Note that the XM, IT, MOD or S3M format can also be streamed in, but realtime playback of these is not supported, because all the data must be present before playback can begin, so for these tracker formats AudioClip.isReadyToPlay must switch to true before the clip may be assigned to and AudioSource and played back.

Note: Unity 5.x threeD では引数は無視されます。サウンドは 3D、2D にかかわらず AudioSource コンポーネントを制御します。