Version: 2019.4
public static void CreateCachedEditor (Object targetObject, Type editorType, ref Editor previousEditor);
public static void CreateCachedEditor (Object[] targetObjects, Type editorType, ref Editor previousEditor);


editorTypeThe requested editor type. Set to null for the default editor for the object.
previousEditorThe previous editor for the object. After returning from CreateCachedEditor previousEditor is an editor for the targetObject or targetObjects.


On return previousEditor is an editor for targetObject or targetObjects. The function either returns if the editor is already tracking the objects, or destroys the previous editor and creates a new one.

By default, the editor with a matching CustomEditor attribute is created. If an editorType is specified, an editor of that type is created instead. Use this if you have created multiple custom editors where each editor shows different properties of the object. previousEditor will be NULL if objects are of different types or if no approprate editor was found.