Version: 2023.2
言語: 日本語


class in UnityEngine



Awaitable type used to expose asynchronous code, as well as an async return type specifically tailored for Unity.

private async Awaitable DoSomethingAsync()
   await LoadSceneAsync("SomeScene");
   await SomeApiReturningATask();
   await Awaitable.NextFrameAsync();
   // <...>


IsCompletedIndicates if the awaitable has run to completion.

Public 関数

CancelCancel the awaitable. If the awaitable is being awaited, the awaiter will get a System.OperationCanceledException.

Static 関数

BackgroundThreadAsyncResumes execution on a ThreadPool background thread. If the caller is already on a background thread, it will complete immediately.
EndOfFrameAsyncAwaitable resuming after all Unity subsystem have run for the current frame.
FixedUpdateAsyncAwaitable resuming on the next fixed update frame (see Time.fixedDeltaTime).
FromAsyncOperationCreates an Awaitable from an existing AsyncOperation object.
MainThreadAsyncResumes execution on the Unity main thread. If the caller is already on the main thread, it will complete immediately.
NextFrameAsyncAwaitable resuming on next frame.
WaitForSecondsAsyncAwaitable resuming after the specified number of seconds.