Version: 2022.1


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A Collider that can merge other Colliders together.

A CompositeCollider2D merges other Colliders together when their Collider2D.usedByComposite is set to true.

When a Collider is used by a Composite Collider, the Editor will ignore and not show the Collider2D.sharedMaterial, Collider2D.isTrigger & Collider2D.usedByComposite properties. The same properties on the CompositeCollider2D will be used instead. You should set these properties on the Composite Collider instead to merge all Colliders into the Composite Collider.

Composite Colliders can only merge BoxCollider2D and PolygonCollider2D.


edgeRadiusControls the radius of all edges created by the Collider.
generationTypeSpecifies when to generate the Composite Collider geometry.
geometryTypeSpecifies the type of geometry the Composite Collider should generate.
offsetDistanceVertices are offset by this distance when compositing multiple physic shapes. Any vertices between shapes within this distance are combined.
pathCountThe number of paths in the Collider.
pointCountGets the total number of points in all the paths within the Collider.
useDelaunayMeshWhen the value is true, the Collider uses an additional Delaunay triangulation step to produce the Collider mesh. When the value is false, this additional step does not occur.
vertexDistanceControls the minimum distance allowed between generated vertices.

Public 関数

GenerateGeometryRegenerates the Composite Collider geometry.
GetPathGets a path from the Collider by its index.
GetPathPointCountGets the number of points in the specified path from the Collider by its index.



isActiveAndEnabledReports whether a GameObject and its associated Behaviour is active and enabled.
attachedRigidbodyThe Rigidbody2D attached to the Collider2D.
bouncinessGet the bounciness used by the collider.
compositeGet the CompositeCollider2D that is available to be attached to the collider.
density質量の計算に使用されるコライダーの密度( auto mass が有効の場合)
errorStateThe error state that indicates the state of the physics shapes the 2D Collider tried to create. (Read Only)
frictionGet the friction used by the collider.
shapeCountThe number of active PhysicsShape2D the Collider2D is currently using.
sharedMaterialThe PhysicsMaterial2D that is applied to this collider.
usedByCompositeSets whether the Collider will be used or not used by a CompositeCollider2D.
usedByEffectorコライダーが Effector をアタッチしているかどうか。
transformThe Transform attached to this GameObject.
hideFlagsShould the object be hidden, saved with the Scene or modifiable by the user?

Public 関数

CastCasts the Collider shape into the Scene starting at the Collider position ignoring the Collider itself.
ClosestPointReturns a point on the perimeter of this Collider that is closest to the specified position.
CreateMeshCreates a planar Mesh that is identical to the area defined by the Collider2D geometry.
DistanceCalculates the minimum separation of this collider against another collider.
GetContactsRetrieves all contact points for this Collider.
GetShapeHashGenerates a simple hash value based upon the geometry of the Collider2D.
GetShapesGets all the PhysicsShape2D used by the Collider2D.
IsTouchingこのコライダーが コライダー に触れているかをチェックします
IsTouchingLayersこのコライダーが指定した レイヤーマスク のコライダーに触れているかをチェックします
OverlapColliderGet a list of all colliders that overlap this collider.
RaycastCasts a ray into the Scene that starts at the Collider position and ignores the Collider itself.
BroadcastMessageゲームオブジェクトまたは子オブジェクトにあるすべての MonoBehaviour を継承したクラスにある methodName 名のメソッドを呼び出します。
CompareTagChecks the GameObject's tag against the defined tag.
GetComponentReturns the component of type if the GameObject has one attached.
GetComponentInChildrenReturns the Component of type in the GameObject or any of its children using depth first search.
GetComponentInParentReturns the Component of type in the GameObject or any of its parents.
GetComponents GameObject から type のタイプのコンポーネントを「すべて」取得します。
GetComponentsInChildrenReturns all components of Type type in the GameObject or any of its children. Works recursively.
GetComponentsInParent GameObject や深さ優先探索を活用して、親子関係にある親オブジェクトから type のタイプのコンポーネントを「すべて」取得します。
SendMessageゲームオブジェクトにアタッチされているすべての MonoBehaviour にある methodName と名付けたメソッドを呼び出します
SendMessageUpwardsゲームオブジェクトと親(の親、さらに親 ... )にアタッチされているすべての MonoBehaviour にある methodName と名付けたメソッドを呼び出します
TryGetComponentGets the component of the specified type, if it exists.
GetInstanceIDGets the instance ID of the object.
ToStringReturns the name of the object.

Static 関数

DestroyRemoves a GameObject, component or asset.
DestroyImmediateDestroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoadDo not destroy the target Object when loading a new Scene.
FindObjectOfTypeタイプ type から最初に見つけたアクティブのオブジェクトを返します
FindObjectsOfTypeGets a list of all loaded objects of Type type.
Instantiateoriginal のオブジェクトをクローンします


operator !=二つのオブジェクトが異なるオブジェクトを参照しているか比較します
operator ==2つのオブジェクト参照が同じオブジェクトを参照しているか比較します。


OnCollisionEnter2Dオブジェクトのコライダーが別のコライダーに衝突したときに呼び出されます(2D 物理挙動のみ)
OnCollisionExit2Dオブジェクトのコライダーと別のオブジェクトコライダーが衝突から離れた瞬間に呼び出されます(2D 物理挙動のみ)
OnCollisionStay2Dオブジェクトのコライダーと別のオブジェクトのコライダーが衝突している間、毎フレーム呼び出され続けます(2D 物理挙動のみ)
OnTriggerEnter2Dオブジェクトにアタッチしたトリガーの中に別のオブジェクトが入ったときに呼び出されます。(2D 物理挙動のみ)
OnTriggerExit2Dトリガー状態のオブジェクトのコライダーと別のオブジェクトのコライダーが衝突から離れた瞬間に、呼び出されます。(2D 物理挙動のみ)
OnTriggerStay2Dトリガー状態のオブジェクトのコライダーと別のオブジェクトのコライダー衝突している間、毎フレーム呼び出され続けます。(2D 物理挙動のみ)