Version: 2021.3


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Represents a group of PhysicsShape2D and their geometry.

A shape group represents multiple PhysicsShape2D of the same or mixed PhysicsShapeType2D along with their geometry. It is comprised of a single list of vertices (GetShapeVertices) along with a list of PhysicsShape2D which refer to specific ranges of those vertices i.e. they index into the list of vertices. Some shape types (PhysicsShapeType2D) use a fixed number of vertices and some use a variable number of vertices therefore this single vertices list is a compact and efficient representation for multiple PhysicsShape2D in a group.

The shape group can be created by using the following methods: Calling Collider2D.GetShapes where it would then represent all the shapes produced by that Collider2D Calling Rigidbody2D.GetShapes where it would then represent all the shapes produced by all theCollider2D attached to that Rigidbody2D Manually populating with custom shapes by calling AddCircle, AddCapsule, AddPolygon, AddBox or AddEdges.


localToWorldMatrixGets or sets a matrix that transforms the PhysicsShapeGroup2D vertices from local space into world space.
shapeCountThe total number of PhysicsShape2D in the shape group. (Read Only)
vertexCountThe total number of vertices in the shape group used to represent all PhysicsShape2D within it. (Read Only)


PhysicsShapeGroup2DInitializes and returns an instance of PhysicsShapeGroup2D. The shape group will be empty and ready for use by Collider2D.GetShapes, Rigidbody2D.GetShapes or manually adding shapes.

Public 関数

AddAdds a copy of all the PhysicsShape2D and their geometry from the specified physicsShapeGroup into this shape group. The specified physicsShapeGroup is not modified.
AddBoxAdds a box shape (PhysicsShapeType2D.Polygon) to the shape group.
AddCapsuleAdds a capsule shape (PhysicsShapeType2D.Capsule) to the shape group.
AddCircleAdds a circle shape (PhysicsShapeType2D.Circle) to the shape group.
AddEdgesAdds an edges shape (PhysicsShapeType2D.Edges) to the shape group.
AddPolygonAdds a polygon shape (PhysicsShapeType2D.Polygon) to the shape group.
ClearClears all the vertices and shapes from the PhysicsShapeGroup.
DeleteShapeWhen destroying a shape at the specified shapeIndex, all other shapes that exist above the specified shapeIndex will have their shape indices updated appropriately.
GetShapeGets the PhysicsShape2D stored at the specified shapeIndex.
GetShapeDataGets a copy of both the shapes and vertices in the PhysicsShapeGroup2D.
GetShapeVertexGets a single vertex of a shape. The vertex index is zero-based with the shape having a quantity of vertex specified by PhysicsShape2D.vertexCount.
GetShapeVerticesGets a copy of the shape vertices in the PhysicsShapeGroup2D.
SetShapeAdjacentVerticesSets the adjacent vertices of a shape.
SetShapeRadiusSets the radius of a shape.
SetShapeVertexSets a single vertex of a shape.