Version: 2021.1
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class in UnityEngine



GPU data buffer, mostly for use with compute shaders.

ComputeShader programs often need arbitrary data to be read & written into memory buffers. ComputeBuffer class is exactly for that - you can create & fill them from script code, and use them in compute shaders or regular shaders.

Compute buffers are always supported in compute shaders. Compute shader support can be queried runtime using SystemInfo.supportsComputeShaders. See the Compute Shaders Manual page for more information about platforms supporting compute shaders. In regular graphics shaders the compute buffer support requires minimum shader model 4.5.

For a ComputeBuffer that uses a counter, Metal and Vulkan platforms don't have native counters and use separate small buffers that act as counters internally. These small buffers are bound separately from the ComputeBuffer and count towards the limit of possible buffers bound (31 for Metal, based on the device for Vulkan).

On the shader side, ComputeBuffers with default ComputeBufferType map to StructuredBuffer<T> and RWStructuredBuffer<T> in HLSL.

See Also: ComputeShader class, Shader.SetGlobalBuffer, Material.SetBuffer, Compute Shaders overview.


countバッファ要素の数(読み取り専用) .
nameThe debug label for the ComputeBuffer. This name shows up in profiling and frame debugger tools, wherever supported.
strideバッファの一つの要素のサイズ(読み取り専用) .


ComputeBufferCompute Buffer を作成します

Public 関数

BeginWriteBegins a write operation to the buffer
EndWriteEnds a write operation to the buffer
GetDataRead data values from the buffer into an array. The array can only use blittable types.
GetNativeBufferPtrRetrieve a native (underlying graphics API) pointer to the buffer.
IsValidReturns true if this compute buffer is valid and false otherwise.
ReleaseCompute Buffer をリリースします
SetCounterValueappend/consume バッファのカウンターの値を設定します。

Static 関数

CopyCountappend/consume バッファの値を別のバッファにカウンター変数をコピーします。