Version: 2019.4
public void DrawMeshInstancedProcedural (Mesh mesh, int submeshIndex, Material material, int shaderPass, int count, MaterialPropertyBlock properties);


mesh描画する Mesh
material使用する Material
shaderPassWhich pass of the shader to use, or -1 which renders all passes.
countThe number of instances to be drawn.
propertiesこのメッシュを描画する前にマテリアルに適用するマテリアルプロパティーを追加します。 MaterialPropertyBlock を参照してください。


Add a "draw mesh with instancing" command.

Draw a mesh using Procedural Instancing. This is similar to Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect, except when the instance count is known from script, it can be supplied directly using this method, rather than via a ComputeBuffer. The command will not immediately fail and throw an exception if Material.enableInstancing is false, but it will log an error and skips rendering each time the command is being executed if such a condition is detected.

InvalidOperationException will be thrown if the current platform doesn't support this API (i.e. if GPU instancing is not available). See SystemInfo.supportsInstancing.