Version: 2019.4
New in Unity 2019
Installing Unity

Working in Unity

This section explains the Unity interface, menu items, using Assets, creating Scenes, and publishing builds:

  • Installing Unity

    Downloading, installing, and activating Unity, and how to manage your licenses.

  • Unity を始めよう

    Getting set up to start your first Project.

  • Unity’s interface

    An in-depth look at each of the main windows you’ll use every day in Unity, including useful shortcuts and hotkeys.

  • ゲームの作成

    How to get started making Scenes, GameObjects and Components; reading input; and adding gameplay or interactivity to your Project.

  • Asset Workflow

    How to get Assets into Unity from a variety of different sources, including graphics, art and sound from external programs, package files from other developers, and ready-made Assets from our Package Manager and the Asset Store.


Information about many of the Editor's powerful features, to help you customize your workflow, integrate with external tools, and extend the Editor itself.
  • Analysis

    Get performance information about your application with the Unity Profiler.


旧バージョンの Unity を使って作成されたプロジェクトのアップグレードに関する重要な情報が書かれています。
New in Unity 2019
Installing Unity