Version: 2019.2





Enum with status about whether a Prefab instance is properly connected to its asset.

Disconnected Prefab instances do not receive updates from their Prefab Asset, and it’s not possible to determine which overrides exist on the instance compared to the asset. The instance can get reconnected by either applying or reverting the Prefab instance as a whole.

A disconnected Prefab instance can be connected by either applying or reverting everything.

Note that disconnected Prefab instances is a legacy feature. The Prefab backend will prevent operations that would cause a Prefab instance to become disconnected. Disconnected Prefab instances may however carry over in Projects upgraded from older versions of Unity.


NotAPrefabThe object is not part of a Prefab instance.
ConnectedThe Prefab instance is connected to its Prefab Asset.
DisconnectedThe Prefab instance is not connected to its Prefab Asset.
MissingAssetThe Prefab instance is missing its Prefab Asset.