Version: 2019.1
public static ScreenOrientation orientation ;



Default value is taken from the 'Default Orientation' in Player Settings. As an example, if we take 480x320 resolution on iPhone, horizontal orientation is treated as 480x320 resolution and vertical orientation as 320x480.

Note: logical orientation affects not only screen orientation, but also touch coordinates. You should expect drastic changes in the touch positions after changing logical orientation, since touch positions will be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise to match screen coordinates.


using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { // Start in landscape mode void Start() { Screen.orientation = ScreenOrientation.LandscapeLeft; } }

ScreenOrientation.AutoRotation に値が設定されると、画面は各オプションから選択され( autorotateToPortrait などから有効にされ)、自動的にデバイスの向きが変わります。

See Also: ScreenOrientation.