Version: 2018.4
public static bool ExecuteMenuItem (string menuItemPath);


パスを指定して MenuItem を実行します

この機能は Editor スクリプトで動作します。

// Simple script that lets you create a new
// Scene, create a cube and an empty game object in the Scene
// Save the Scene and close the editor

using UnityEditor; using UnityEditor.SceneManagement;

public class ExampleClass { [MenuItem("Examples/Execute menu items")] static void EditorPlaying() { var newScene = EditorSceneManager.NewScene(NewSceneSetup.EmptyScene, NewSceneMode.Single);

EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("GameObject/3D Object/Cube"); EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("GameObject/Create Empty");

EditorSceneManager.SaveScene(newScene, "Assets/MyNewScene.unity"); EditorApplication.Exit(0); } }