Version: 2018.2
public Networking.NetworkConnection connectionToClient ;


NetworkConnectionNetworkIdentity に関連付けられます。これは、サーバー上のプレイヤーオブジェクトのみで有効です。

//Attach this script to a GameObject
//Attach a TextMesh to the GameObject. To do this click the GameObject, click the Add Component button in the Inspector window, and go to Mesh>Text Mesh.
//Attach a NetworkIdentity to the GameObject by clicking Add Component, then go to Network>NetworkIdentity. In the component that was added, check the Local Player Authority checkbox.
//Next, create an empty GameObject. Attach a NetworkManager to it by clicking the GameObject, clicking Add Component going to Network>NetworkManager. Also add a NetworkManagerHUD the same way.

//This script outputs the Connection ID and address to the console when the Client is started

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class ConnectionToClientExample : NetworkBehaviour { //This is a TextMesh component that you attach to the child of the NetworkIdentity GameObject TextMesh m_TextMesh;

void Start() { //Output the connection ID and IP address of the connection by using connectionToClient Debug.Log("Connection ID : " + connectionToClient.connectionId); Debug.Log("Connection Address : " + connectionToClient.address);

//Check that the connection is marked as ready if (connectionToClient.isReady) { Debug.Log("Ready!"); }

//Enter the child of your GameObject (the GameObject with the TextMesh you attach) //Fetch the TextMesh component of it m_TextMesh = GetComponentInChildren(typeof(TextMesh)) as TextMesh; //Change the Text of the TextMesh to show the netId m_TextMesh.text = "ID : " + netId; //Output the connection to Client } }