Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


public static bool GetCullingParameters (Camera camera, out Experimental.Rendering.ScriptableCullingParameters cullingParameters);
public static bool GetCullingParameters (Camera camera, bool stereoAware, out Experimental.Rendering.ScriptableCullingParameters cullingParameters);


cameraCamera to get parameters for.
cullingParametersResultant culling parameters.
stereoAwareGenerate single-pass stereo aware culling parameters.


bool Flag indicating whether culling parameters are valid.


Get culling parameters for a camera.

Returns false if camera is invalid to render (empty viewport rectangle, invalid clip plane setup etc.).

Both left and right stereo eyes are considered in the generated culling parameters when stereoAware is true and single-pass stereo is enabled.

See Also: Cull, CullingParameters, ScriptableRenderContext.SetupCameraProperties, ScriptableRenderContext.StartMultiEye, ScriptableRenderContext.StopMultiEye, ScriptableRenderContext.StereoEndRender.