Version: 2017.3
public static Vector3 Vector3Field (Rect position, string label, Vector3 value);
public static Vector3 Vector3Field (Rect position, GUIContent label, Vector3 value);


position 表示位置
label フィールドの上に表示するラベル
value 編集する値


Vector3 ユーザーによって設定された値


Vector3 を入力する X 、 Y と Z のフィールドを作成します。

Vector3 field in an Editor Window.

// Editor window that shows the detailed rotation (X,Y,Z and W components),
// the position in 3D space and position in Screen space of the selected
// transform.

class CustomTransformInspector extends EditorWindow { var showing : boolean = true; var rotationComp : Vector4;

@MenuItem("Examples/GameObject detailed inspector") static function Init() { var window = GetWindow(CustomTransformInspector); window.Show(); }

function OnInspectorUpdate() { Repaint(); } function OnGUI() { var currObj = Selection.activeTransform; showing = EditorGUI.InspectorTitlebar(Rect(0,0,position.width, 20), showing, currObj); if(showing) { if(currObj) { currObj.position = EditorGUI.Vector3Field(Rect(3,15,position.width-6,20), "Position in 3D Space:", currObj.position);

EditorGUI.Vector2Field(Rect(3,50,position.width-6,20), "Position in Screen Space:", Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(currObj.position));

rotationComp = EditorGUI.Vector4Field(Rect(3, 85, position.width-6, 20), "Detailed Rotation:", QuaternionToVector4(currObj.localRotation)); currObj.localRotation = ConvertToQuaternion(rotationComp);

currObj.localScale = EditorGUI.Vector3Field(Rect(3,120,position.width-6,20), "Scale:", currObj.localScale);

} else { EditorGUI.DropShadowLabel( Rect(3,15,position.width,20), "Select an Object to inspect"); } } }

function ConvertToQuaternion(v4 : Vector4) { return Quaternion(v4.x, v4.y, v4.z, v4.w); } function QuaternionToVector4(q : Quaternion) { return Vector4(q.x, q.y, q.z, q.w); } }